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Ray Johnston: The Reluctant Church Planter—Part 1

Growing up in an atheist home, Ray Johnston never wanted to be a pastor, but God had other plans.

Ray Johnston: Good Deeds Lead to Goodwill—Part 2

"We believe if our people will give us an inch, God will take them a mile."

Jeff Clark: ‘Simple Is the New Complex’

“Our systems and teams are healthy, and it allows us to enjoy the growth without panicking.”

Aaron Cole: ‘You Can’t Legislate Compassion’

“God is looking for our obedience and hard work. He will bring the increase.”

Michael Fletcher: ‘God Is a Kingdom-Minded God’

“We need to tell the truth without apology, but we must tell it with grace in love.”

Dean Herman: ‘A Good Culture Creates Growth’

“To have an incredible culture the pastor must set the culture.”

John Hill: ‘Build Consensus Through Humility’

“Great leaders learn to receive criticism by seeking it out.”

Mark Johnston: ‘Measure Spiritual Growth’

“Politics and pundits aren’t going to save us. Jesus can. Let’s focus on him.”