What Story Does Your Facility Tell?

Determine Your Church’s Unique Story and How to Share It

5 Evangelism Tips for Your Small Group

Simple and quick exercises added to small-group meetings can encourage people to take their faith stories into the community.
christmas story

God Chooses Ordinary People

Remembering the profound grace of the Christmas story
christmas season

How to Make This Your Best Christmas Season Ever

7 ways to slow down and appreciate the Advent season
purpose in christmas

Finding Purpose in Christmas

I needed to treasure up and ponder the things of Jesus if I was to find Christmas again
god in human form

The Mystery of God Becoming a Man

How the wonder of the incarnation gives us encouragement and strength

How to Reach More People Through Texting

Instead of making texting the enemy, here are ways to leverage it to reach people.
living hope

Rediscovering the Living Hope of Advent

What does it mean to be born to a living hope?

Doing Christmas Differently

How the Advent Conspiracy can help us refocus on Christ during this season.

What Can We Learn From Children’s Ministry in Ecuador?

"When a child’s life is being changed for good, it’s natural for the parents to be willing to help out. "
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