Take Hold of the Vision

With all the racial tension in the last couple years, we decided this is an opportunity for us to take a stand and be clear about who we want to be as a church.

A Home Away from Home

To meet the needs of people in their reach in a time when people have so many views of church, the pandemic and the issues they face, New Day uses a variety of approaches to reach the diverse population.

Spreading Christmas Cheer By Singing Loud for All To Hear

Perhaps that’s why, throughout the history of Christianity, one of the greatest tools for teaching theology has been music. After all, one of the earliest Christian hymns is the great Christological passage of Philippians 2.

Mile-High Multiplication

Pathak sought a solution to reestablish the church’s identity as a truly local neighbor, of and for its community. He asked himself, What would it look like for us to build what amounts to a network of churches so we could share some resources, yet still operate like local churches?

This Christmas, Go Old School

What I learned hosting a contemporary Christmas service that made me decide to go old school

Take Hold of the Vision

We’re trying to think outside the walls. How can we engage missionally? How can we bring church to where people are, and not be thinking constantly about how we’re going to get them here?

Pampered With a Purpose

“We wanted to do something for them that would encourage them to relax and take a moment for themselves,” says Cornwell. “Moms, in general, wear so many hats, but single moms have to wear every hat.”

Small But Mighty

After seeing the toll the pandemic had taken on medical workers, he wished his own church could replicate the outreach, but they didn’t have the resources to take it on alone.

What Can We Do About This Christian School Crisis?

Many Christian school teenagers have a deep spiritual cynicism baked into their hardened hearts. Far too many of these teens graduate and then publicly evacuate their faith, either through outright denunciation or post–high school hedonism.

Race and the Gospel: Is Justice Part of the Discussion?—Part 1

“Surely the Good News of Jesus Has Something to Say to the Greatest Historic Injustice of the Last 500 Years.”