Why Churches Struggle With Evangelism

Eight reasons churches have a hard time with evangelism.

An Outreach Journey

Lessons from a church changing its culture

When Certainties Are Shattered

I guess we’ll all look back on the coronavirus outbreak of March 2020 as a moment of transition. For the last two months, I have been working...

Into the Culture

Today a lot of people are talking about the church and culture. We are told that we need to engage the culture or understand the culture. Some...

What You Need to Know to Reach Buddhists

Nine things to know about Buddhism

The Church’s Role in a Post-Christian World

By studying John the Baptist, we can become a prophetic witness to the second coming.

Time for a New Normal

This pandemic has shaken the world—so much sickness, death and economic destruction. Our first concern should be the hurting, but we eventually do need to consider life...

Balancing Act

Making connections with the culture without compromising your convictions

How to Give an Effective Online Gospel Invitation

Clearly sharing the gospel and inviting people to follow Christ online

Ravi Zacharias: Finally Home

Ravi Zacharias, dead at 74. His words echo, with gentleness and respect.