amplify outreach conference

A Lasting Legacy of Evangelism

Highlights from Amplify Outreach 2021

These 6 Questions Will Reveal How Well You Love Your Neighbors

"There is no need to see accountability questions as burdensome if we understand that God’s grace is our foundation."
prioritize evangelism

9 Ways Church Leaders Can Better Prioritize Evangelism

Tips for creating a culture of evangelism in your church.

7 Reasons Churches Need Evangelists

God gave the church the gift of evangelists because he know we would need it. Here are several reasons why.
share your faith

3 Fundamental Things to Remember About Evangelism

Keep These Things in Mind When You’re Sharing Your Faith
narrow road

The Choice We All Must Make

You Can’t Walk Two Roads at One Time

Don’t Overcomplicate Evangelism

The unbelievers who show up at church are there because someone invited them outside the walls of the church.

How the Process of Evangelism Is Changing

A Post-Christian Culture Requires a Different Approach
college ministry

Reaching College Students

The Mission Field and Mission Force in Our Midst
gen z students

Reaching Gen Z Students Before They Graduate

Anywhere from 67% to upwards of 80% of people who ever come to Christ do so on or before their 18th birthday.
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