objections to christianity

Explaining Away Jesus

Why Objections to Christianity Are Often Intellectually Dishonest
summer evangelism

How to Up Your Evangelism Game This Summer

Through the years, I have learned that effective evangelism results from intentionality.
Christians interact with American culture

How Should We as Christians Interact With American Culture?

Sometimes we want to create a Christian subculture and withdraw into a Christian bubble of sorts. But that is not what Jesus told us to do. We need to impact our culture without being compromised by it.

Whole-Life Apologetics

“Jesus and the apostles addressed people’s head questions with their words, but they addressed people’s heart questions with their lives.”

Reaching the ‘Hopeless Generation’

Hope for the loneliest generation
Ed Stetzer

Ed Stetzer to Expand Role With Outreach Inc.

Respected author and missiologist joins Outreach team to amplify the gospel.

How I’m Encouraging My Church to Be More Evangelistic

8 reasons to reemphasize evangelism

Creativity and Innovation in a Small Church

Bishop Thomas A. Clark IV discusses how World Deliverance Christian Center in Bellwood, Illinois, shifted their culture to reach people online.

What if Evangelism Isn’t Your Gift?

Encouragement for when you don't feel like you can share your faith

5 Cultural Shifts We Must Understand to Reach Our Neighbors

Thinking like cross-cultural missionaries to reach the West