What About Those Who Have Never Heard?

God has provided means for all to know about him; the bigger question is what will you do with the knowledge he's given you.

A Conversation With Steve Richardson

Jesus commissioned his people to bless the nations. Even in traditional cultures, I’ve never personally met someone who wished missionaries hadn’t come. I’ve met thousands of people who are thrilled that missionaries brought a message of salvation and hope.

People Reaching People

Three important shifts contributed to the stirring of evangelism: equipping people to be everyday missionaries, elevating the role of groups, and amplifying opportunities to serve.

How I Marry Evangelism and Social Action

Evangelism and social action are not antithetical, but close friends.

The Power to Obey the Great Commission

The presence and power that make the Great Commission possible

Preacher, Don’t Blow It During the Invitation

What is the invitation I’m referring to? The Gospel invitation! It’s the moment when a preacher invites unbelievers to believe and the lost to be saved.

Nicky Cruz: A Love That Makes No Sense

Before surrendering his life to Jesus Christ, Cruz admits he was destined for “prison, the electric chair, and hell.”

How a Friend’s Stand for Christ Made an Eternal Difference

I hadn’t read Garrett’s testimony before, but one of our staff shared it with me. It’s powerful. I think you’ll be touched just like I was. —Randy

Why Christians Don’t Share the Gospel

When it comes to evangelism, we must face our fears, count the cost, trust the Holy Spirit, and then open our mouths to “declare it fearlessly,” as we should.

5 Prescriptions for Building Thriving Churches

How we can bring life and health to our church and community