Kevin Harney

Kevin Harney ( is an Outreach magazine contributing editor, lead pastor of Shoreline Church in Monterey, California, and the founder and visionary leader of Organic Outreach International ( He is the author of the Organic Outreach trilogy and, most recently, Organic Disciples: Seven Ways to Grow Spiritually and Naturally Share Jesus, in addition to multiple studies and articles.

Dangerous Growth

Yes, God uses our gifts, but at the end of the day, when success comes, God gets the glory because he is the source.

Should All Churches Reproduce?

6 questions to ask before deciding to multiply.

Good Growth: 4 Types of Newcomers That Point to Healthy Church Development

When you have nonbelievers coming to your church who are spiritually hungry, this is a joy and one of the best kinds of growth you can experience.

Expand Your Neighborhood

Make where you live a place of prayer that everyone knows is always open as a place to call out to God.

Infusing Evangelism Into the DNA of New Churches

Evangelism doesn't just happen naturally in church plants. Here are ways to make it an essential part of the church's culture.

No Longer Depleted

Too many pastors and leaders have rejected the gift of weekly refreshment that God wants to give them.

How to Overcome the Great Commission Gap

Discipleship will always lead the people of God outward on the mission Jesus is on.

3 Advantages of a Small Church

Jesus is about mission, not church size.