Kevin Harney

Kevin Harney ( is an Outreach magazine contributing editor, lead pastor of Shoreline Church in Monterey, California, and the founder and visionary leader of Organic Outreach International ( He is the author of the Organic Outreach trilogy and, most recently, Organic Disciples: Seven Ways to Grow Spiritually and Naturally Share Jesus, in addition to multiple studies and articles.

How to Overcome the Great Commission Gap

Discipleship will always lead the people of God outward on the mission Jesus is on.

3 Advantages of a Small Church

Jesus is about mission, not church size.

A Beautiful Reunion

If discipleship does not lead to evangelism, we should ask ourselves, "Who am I really following?"

Beauty in Small Places

Great Things Are Happening Across the Country in Churches of All Sizes

Preparing for a Fruitful Harvest

If we want to see revival and lives transformed for eternity, we need to get on our knees to pray.

The Power of Story

“When Jesus is our closest friend, and we speak of our intimacy with him, this can create real spiritual curiosity.”

Balancing Act

Making connections with the culture without compromising your convictions

5 Prescriptions for Building Thriving Churches

How we can bring life and health to our church and community