A Conversation With Steve Richardson

Jesus commissioned his people to bless the nations. Even in traditional cultures, I’ve never personally met someone who wished missionaries hadn’t come. I’ve met thousands of people who are thrilled that missionaries brought a message of salvation and hope.

Make Room for Young Leaders

Consider a plea for some older leaders not to get off the bus but to aggressively make room for young leaders at the front.
abundant life

Holistic Salvation for a Secular Age

God has given everyone the ability to oversee a certain amount of God’s abundance
great commission people

Becoming Great Commission People

Every church member can be a missionary to their hurting community. Here is how you can equip them.
tools for evangelism

Teacup Evangelism

Evangelism cannot be a fad but an initial waypoint to share the love of Christ with a stranger.
mission affirmed

Seeking Honor from God Alone

Paul taught the Corinthians, the mysterious wisdom “which God decreed before the ages for our glory” (1 Cor. 2:7). God doesn’t reject our desire for approval; he redirects it.
sharing your faith

Reignite Your Passion for Sharing Your Faith

Andrew Palau: My Top 10 Books on Evangelism
retain visitors

3 Keys to Turning Visitors Into Church Members

Clear Engagement Plans Help First-Time Attendees Feel Welcome
reconstructed faith

3 Ways to Reconstruct Faith So It’s as Attractive as Jesus

Questions Will Always Be Present as Long as Faith Is Necessary to Please God