Perspectives on Miracles

What Is a Miracle, Anyway?

Soothe the Suffering

God is present in our affliction.

What We Can Learn From the Apostle Paul’s Testimony

Paul's thoughts on his suffering put our lives and faith into perspective.

Self-Help and the Mind of Christ

We are bombarded with promises of happiness, wealth, fulfillment and all our dreams met. Yet we are miserably unhappy. Why?

An Illustrated Guide to the Plants of the Bible

In the Garden (Whitaker House)

How Failure Changed Me Forever

When I discovered my life calling.

Living On-Purpose Lives

Our lives play out like a game of Solitaire: We're dealt experiences and asked to be faithful and live with intention.

Celebrating Unsung Heroes

When my mother died, there were many strong women who stepped up to support me throughout my life.