church planter

Building a Strong Team

To be successful, church planters need both a mentor and a coach.
church planting

Two Church Plants, Two Different Results

What You Can Learn About Church Planting Success

Peyton Jones: Church Plantology

The Art and Science of Planting Churches (Zondervan)

Church Planting Versus Church Starting

Excerpted from 'Church Plantology'

Len Tang and Charles Cotherman: Sent to Flourish

A Guide to Planting and Multiplying Churches

A Church Planter’s Perspective

Sitting in the presence of Jesus is the most important thing a church planter can do.

Neil Powell and John James: Together for the City

How Collaborative Church Planting Leads to Citywide Movements

Degrees of Collaboration

There are four concentric circles that represent degrees of collaboration in 2020 Birmingham.