Americans Believe Suicide Is Epidemic, Not Pathway to Hell

Religious beliefs and practice also play a role in attitudes toward suicide. Those with evangelical beliefs are more likely than those without evangelical beliefs to say suicide is selfish (48% v. 35%) and automatically leads to hell (39% v. 18%).

Thy Will Be Done

And that was the last time I ever saw him. It was the last time I ever will see him on this side of heaven.

Tim Challies: Seasons of Sorrow

“The purest joy and the fullest rest lie beyond time’s horizon.”
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6 Ways Your Church Can Promote Mental Health

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Humility in Caregiving

Excerpted From Not Quite Fine By Carlene Hill Byron Humility in Caregiving Pete Costas was still relatively young in his career as a Salvation Army officer the Sunday evening that a fidgety, distracted,...
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Perfectionism: A Christian Understanding

With grace, we do not need to earn our favor from God.
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Starting the Conversation

Pastoral Care and Serious Mental Illness
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Understanding the ‘Bugs’ in Our Hardware

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Mental Illness and the Church

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