the suicide solution

Understanding the ‘Bugs’ in Our Hardware

It’s an act of faith to trust a doctor’s healing regimen
resources on mental health

Mental Illness and the Church

Les Parrott: My Top 5 Books on Mental Health
pastoral counseling

Why Pastors Have a Unique Responsibility to Counsel

Counseling is part of the pastoral job

3 Encouragements for When Your Heart Is Broken

Excerpted from 'Either Way, We'll Be All Right'

Eric Tonjes: Either Way, We’ll Be All Right

An Honest Exploration of God in Our Grief (NavPress)

Me, Myself and Why? The Secret of True Success

Excerpted From 'Searching for Grace' (Tyndale)

This Is Not a Drill

Excerpted From 'Depression, Anxiety, and Other Things We Don’t Want to Talk About' (Thomas Nelson)

Outreach Resources of the Year: Counseling and Relationships

Evaluated by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott

5 Simple Ways a Sandwich Can Save a Life

Bringing healing through hospitality

When Suicide Hits the Pulpit: Advice to Pastors and Clergy

Excerpted from 'Hope Always' (Tyndale)
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