Mark Moore: Quest 52

“Let’s pursue Jesus relentlessly; he wants to be found. He may even join us along the journey.”

Powerful Prayers Spoken by A.W. Tozer

Possibly the greatest single impact of this self-educated man started on the floor of his Chicago church study as he would daily don his old prayer trousers and then, for some time, lay prostrate on the floor as he sought God.
the invitation

The Books of Moses

God is presented to us not in ideas and arguments but in events and actions that involve each of us personally.
God do you hear me


Our lives in Christ are not built on a temporary foundation.
secret to prayer

Praying With a Humble Heart

A humble heart faithfully, persistently, watchfully seeks after God in prayer.
read the word of God

How God’s Word Changed My Life

‘I underwent a life changing—all as a Mormon missionary—all because I was lovingly challenged to read the Word of God.’
30-minute bible

Exploring Creation

Creation Genesis 1 tells about God’s creation of light and time, of the sky, the oceans, and the earth. God sets up the sun and the moon and the stars...
eyes of your heart enlightened

Having the Eyes of Your Heart Enlightened

Excerpted from '21 Days of Deeper Prayer' (Zondervan)

Walking in God’s Known Will

Excerpted from 'Summoned' (Moody)

What Does It Mean to ‘Eat Your Bible’?

Excerpted from ‘How to Eat Your Bible’ (Moody Publishers)