Farewell, Pangaea

The proof is in the pudding and the praxis.
dating in the church

Single Space

Why the Church Needs to Talk About Dating
when strivings cease

God’s Gift of Grace

No Strings Attached
the billy graham rule

The Billy Graham Rule’s Unintended Consequences

As women and men discern the appropriate contextualized boundaries for their specific ministry partnership, that partnership is more likely to flourish.
sermons that sing

All Who Have Ears

Musicality is a powerful yet underappreciated aspect of sermons.
parents pass their faith

Handing Down the Faith

Where you are at with Christ is more than likely where your child will be with Christ.
God do you hear me


Our lives in Christ are not built on a temporary foundation.
When the Universe Cracks

What COVID-19 Exposed

The church must equip cross-cultural, reconciling and justice-oriented disciple makers.
When Words Matter Most

Truth for the Weary

God hasn’t left us alone in our weariness.
secret to prayer

Praying With a Humble Heart

A humble heart faithfully, persistently, watchfully seeks after God in prayer.
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