church planter

Building a Strong Team

To be successful, church planters need both a mentor and a coach.
holy ambition

Holy Ambition

What do we really want God to say to us someday?
goals and prioritiesvideo

Why Make a Schedule as a Ministry Professional?

The ins and outs of planning your week of ministry
disability community

Healing Ableism

On some level, it doesn’t matter if our heavenly bodies will be disabled or not.
abundant life

Holistic Salvation for a Secular Age

God has given everyone the ability to oversee a certain amount of God’s abundance
missional engagement

Answering the Call

Jesus is knocking on the hearts of his church to see if they will become what he desires for them to be in this season of ministry.
saving faith

Saving Faith Receives Christ Himself

Receiving Jesus is saving because “as the Father has life in himself, so he has granted the Son also to have life in himself” (John 5:26).
human trafficking

Human Trafficking: A Spiritual Battle Against Evil

This is not easy work. It is going to get difficult and messy, and we will experience tears and anger. Prayer, both individual and corporate, is essential in the fight against human trafficking.
expectation reset

Resetting Your Expectations

If we see Jesus' current work disconnected from our expectations based on the biblical record, our faith and ability to lead can be crippled.

Mark Moore: Quest 52

“Let’s pursue Jesus relentlessly; he wants to be found. He may even join us along the journey.”