The Pastor and Enduring

So how do you know if you’re running well—or even running in the right direction? The answer to that may look different depending on how far along you are in your pastoral course.

Get Rooted Where You Serve

Sometimes, a leader has to survive the moment, buy time to survey the surroundings, and figure out what to do next.

5 Ways the Enemy Worms His Way Into Your Marriage

Promoting a false prosperity gospel. It’s happening all over the world. And, it affects relationships. A gospel that promotes health and wealth also promotes self-centeredness and worldly living.

Guilt Without Shame

I believe that a healthy sense of responsibility is absent of shame and enables us to recognize our mistakes without losing value.

The Great Exchange

Christ came to take hold of humanity, binding himself to us and us to himself. He came to take the old humanity to the cross with him and put it to death, raising us with him in his resurrection.

Unity in the Season

Where once the church was the gathering place, the world enticed her people to become more lackadaisical to her offerings. As a leader, you must not focus on those who have chosen not to return, but on the ones who come at least once a month to church.

Christians on Social Media

The powerfully influential culture found online denies the Creator’s design and, because it does, cannot ultimately work.

Why Do I Imprison Myself When Searching for God’s Will?

I was taught you could miss God's perfect will for your life and live in his “permissive will.” Holy smokes. I put myself in Gideon's class—not a bad association—and was putting out fleece so that God would clearly lead me.

God’s Truth Should Spur, Guide Our Actions in Culture

History is in the making, and it’s not merely a sequence of chronological happenings. History is going somewhere, and it’s going there for a reason. Guard-railed by Truth.

The Intersection of Worship and Mission

Sadly, for too many Christians, “worship” and “mission” represent a paradox, but our mission is directly connected to our worship. Mission is not just doing something for God but begins and ends with rich and joyful worship of God.