When Disciple-Making Gets Messy

Excerpted from 'How to Save the World: Disciple-Making Made Simple'

Jesus’ Words to Seven Churches

Excerpted From 'Big Trouble Ahead' by Allen Jackson

Liturgy: The Joy of Heaven for People on Earth

What if liturgy is not what we always assumed? What if instead of burdening us, liturgy freed us to live a life of grace?

A Conversation With Aaron Damiani, Author of ‘Earth Filled With Heaven’

"People are realizing they need more depth, more substance and more rooted connection with the global and historic church if they are going to thrive spiritually."

Where Did Youth Ministry Go Wrong?

If we give the impression that getting your family-discipleship strategy right is the way to produce perfect, Christian children, then we’re presenting a false gospel.

Yudha Thianto: An Explorer’s Guide to John Calvin

“By presenting Calvin in his historical, cultural, political, and theological contexts, I have meant to help you see him for who he was in his own time.”

Calvin’s Lasting Impact in the Global Church

Excerpted from 'An Explorer's Guide to John Calvin' by Yudha Thianto

Richard Vance Goodwin: Seeing Is Believing

Seeing Is Believing (IVP) by Richard Vance Goodwin

Jay Y. Kim: Analog Christian

Cultivating Contentment, Resilience, and Wisdom in the Digital Age (IVP)

Being a Particular People

Excerpted From 'Analog Christian' (IVP)