Understanding Early Church Worship

The early church structured worship very deliberately and helps us understand the development of Christian theology.

The Ways We Determine Right From Wrong

There are several ways we determine right from wrong in a given situation. Here are some frameworks upon which we build our ethics.

How to Lead Imaginative Prayer

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The Perils of Isolation for Men

Men need not just casual friendships, but deep friendships with other men who are not afraid to be honest with them.

How You Can Be a Mentor

Being a mentor for someone else is as simple as having the humility to share the lessons you've learned through your faith walk.

The Bible and the Problem of Evil

Some argue the Bible fails to provide adequate solutions to the problem of evil. The beginning of an answer is found in a theodicy of love.

8 Types of Christians Whose Online Behavior Hurts Their Witness

Do you recognize one of your favorite thought leaders—or yourself—in any of these descriptions?

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