Discipleship and Spiritual Growth

Just for a Season

Grandmom and Grandad’s Louisiana table will always be my favorite table, carved walnut and long enough for their four kids to bring their kids who also brought theirs. It was the living table of a great-grandmother, and she set it with southern precision, in decadent layers of greenery and understated class.

Does Your View of Heaven Match Jesus’?

“The heavens” also carried another important meaning in the ancient world. It referred to the dwelling place of God. The heavens are the invisible, intangible realm occupied by the Lord and his hosts.

More Than You Were Meant to Carry

The antidote to pride is still humility, but a kind of humility that’s different from what we’re used to. We typically think of humility as thinking lowly of oneself, and we don’t struggle to think lowly of ourselves.