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Discipleship and Spiritual Growth

Christians on Social Media

The powerfully influential culture found online denies the Creator’s design and, because it does, cannot ultimately work.

On the Journey

My Christian discipleship had been characterized by a color-blind approach rather than a color-courageous one. So I would be taking this journey without a map.

Just a Screen Away

During the pandemic, Lyberg visited local members in the hospital using FaceTime, and he can do the same thing with members who live in other places.

The Gift of Closed Doors

That closed door saved his life.

Where to Look and What to Look For

Your genius unlocks your unique purpose. Someone else’s key won’t work. So how do you begin to discover what your genius is—or isn’t? Your answers to some core questions will be a good starting place.

Make Room for Young Leaders

Consider a plea for some older leaders not to get off the bus but to aggressively make room for young leaders at the front.

David Mathis: Workers for Your Joy

“Christ gives leaders to his people for their joy, which turns the world’s paradigm and suspicions about leadership upside down.”

Are We Asking the Most Important Questions of Our Lives?

With discernment it is possible to reach the utmost heights with the minimum of exhaustion.

Resilience in Light of Eternity

But when we pay attention to only our present context, we’re not seeing the full picture God wants to show us. He’s got much more in store.

When Disciple-Making Gets Messy

Excerpted from 'How to Save the World: Disciple-Making Made Simple'