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Discipleship and Spiritual Growth

When Disciple-Making Gets Messy

Excerpted from 'How to Save the World: Disciple-Making Made Simple'
holy ambition

Holy Ambition

What do we really want God to say to us someday?

5 Myths About Discipleship

Discipleship can be a junk drawer word; people put all kinds of things into it. And some of those things don’t belong there.
daily prayer

Teach Your Congregation How to Develop a Daily Prayer Habit

A 2018 survey by Crossway revealed that only 2% of people surveyed felt very satisfied with their prayer life. Follow these five steps to help them.
an immense inheritance

An Immense Inheritance

Why do Christians care about love, mercy, and justice?
peace in life

Peace in Life Changes

The peace Jesus promised the disciples could only be fully theirs if He left them.
find your people

Building the Kingdom Together

We carry weighty purpose into every interaction we have, and every human carries in them a weight of glory. When we understand this idea, we love differently. We view our daily work and encounters differently.
secret to prayer

Praying with a Humble Heart

A humble heart faithfully, persistently, watchfully seeks after God in prayer.
spiritual formation

Mandy Smith: My Top 4 Books on Spiritual Formation

Here are some thoughtful resources on spiritual formation that could help strengthen and encourage you during these hard times.