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Discipleship and Spiritual Growth

holier than thou

Set Apart

Compare God to Everything. What Do You See?

Why Did My Story End Up This Way?

Excerpted From Fractured Faith
spiritual healing

The 4 Stages of Healing

The 4 Stages of Healing Wounds are a universal human experience. From scraped knees to torn ligaments to life-threatening lacerations, our bodies become injured through both use and...
eyes of your heart enlightened

Having the Eyes of Your Heart Enlightened

Excerpted from '21 Days of Deeper Prayer' (Zondervan)

Going Deeper for Real Change

Real change happens at the level of the heart.

The Way of Justice

Excerpted from 'The Ninefold Path of Jesus' (IVPress)

The New Prosperity Gospel

A conversation with Dean Inserra, author of 'Getting Over Yourself'

Walking in God’s Known Will

Excerpted from 'Summoned' (Moody)
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