trauma and shame

Trauma and Shame: A People of Grief

When we bury our grief instead of offering it to one another, it becomes like an infection.
fighting anxiety

3 Biblical Principles for Fighting Anxiety

What the Bible Teaches About Worry
the billy graham rule

The Billy Graham Rule’s Unintended Consequences

As women and men discern the appropriate contextualized boundaries for their specific ministry partnership, that partnership is more likely to flourish.
When Words Matter Most

Truth for the Weary

God hasn’t left us alone in our weariness.
crazy faith

When Life Is Crazy, God Shows Up

God’s Crazy Word Often Comes in the Darkest of Times
Martyn Lloyd-Jones

5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ Preaching

Preach to make Christ’s name known, not our name known

It’s Your Turn to Network

Excerpted from 'It's Not Your Turn' (IVP)

Let’s Talk Honestly About Wealthy Preachers

Excerpted from 'PreachersNSneakers' (Thomas Nelson)

When I Deny Jesus

Excerpted from 'Seeing Beautiful Again' (Thomas Nelson)
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