you need a better gospel

Participation With Christ

If the gospel message is “God just wants you to be happy,” then the gospel has failed the huge portion of humanity who suffer immensely.
you need a better gospel

Klyne Snodgrass: You Need a Better Gospel

“The gospel offers participation in the very life of God.”
tax law

What Churches Need to Know About Venmo, Paypal and Cash App Changes

A new tax law went into effect that requires third-party payment processors to report business transactions that meet certain new thresholds to the IRS.
online ministry

Moody Publishers Launches New Online Ministry

Virtual library points readers back to the Bible.
church satisfaction

Churchgoers Mainly Content With Their Church

New Study Reveals Evangelicals Are Largely Satisfied with Their Church, But Would Still Like to See Some Changes.
change comes knocking

When Change Comes Knocking at the Church Door

Change should be seen as a positive antidote to reclaim the church's health for future generations.

What If We All Made the Same Kind of Difference?

Your church can play a huge part in ending homelessness.
mission affirmed

Seeking Honor from God Alone

Paul taught the Corinthians, the mysterious wisdom “which God decreed before the ages for our glory” (1 Cor. 2:7). God doesn’t reject our desire for approval; he redirects it.
mission affirmed

Elliot Clark: Mission Affirmed

Recovering the Missionary Motivation of Paul
rise of the nones

Nones Just Keep Rising

The verdict is in: God, yes. Religion, no.
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