Going Deeper for Real Change

Real change happens at the level of the heart.
faithlife preaching suite

Faithlife Launches Preaching Suite

A new Preaching Suite powered by Logos Bible Software
pastoral counseling

Why Pastors Have a Unique Responsibility to Counsel

Counseling is part of the pastoral job
hearing in technicolor

Reaching the Entirety of Our Communities

A Conversation with Mark Hearn, Author of Hearing in Technicolor
church values and goalsvideo

Pastorpedia: Values, Goals and Your Church

Do We Need Them? Or Do We Just ‘Follow God’?
multiethnic church

The Process of Becoming a Multicultural Church

Excerpted From ‘Hearing in Technicolor’
women in leadership

How Women Rise

Am I willing to get uncomfortable, to be corrected, to make mistakes? If not, my rising is only for me, and not for all women.
group culture

How a Group’s Culture Affects Your Leadership

Excerpted from 'Big Results Leadership' (B&H Books)
online church IRS compliant

Is Your Online Church IRS Compliant?

Like your physical church, what your ministry does online is held accountable to the IRS.

The Value of a Small Church

Landon DeCrastos: In an age when so many pastors spend much of their time looking for the next new thing, it seemed foreign to encounter a ministry that didn’t try to fix something that wasn’t broken simply to put more rumps in the seats. There was something intensely spiritual about the experience.