christian history

Reading Church History

Christianity develops differently in different contexts
christian history

Scott Sunquist: The Shape of Christian History

“The carefully researched study of Christian history has a purpose beyond merely knowing what happened. Embedded in every chapter, episode and life are lessons for us, for our churches, and for society.”
ministry hurt

3 Steps to Heal From Ministry Hurt

Today could be the day you stop hurting and start helping yourself when you step out of the pain and into the promise that God has for your ministry assignment.
associate pastors

The Pinched Associate Pastor

The relationship with key volunteers, as we will see, turned out to be just as challenging and formative to the associate pastor’s role as that of the senior pastor.

How to Love Your Church

Practices that will keep you in the habit of showing love to your church
associate pastors

Michael Mauriello: Associate Pastors

“There is more to the associate’s role than the relationship to the senior pastor.”
working out our faith

Faith That Doesn’t Do Good Is No Good

Authentic faith does stuff.
live on mission

Andy Stanley: Not in It to Win It

“Let’s love, live, and lead in such a way that we, the ekklesia of Jesus, regain the moral high ground and can serve as the conscience of our nation.”

Staying Put in a Challenging Season

Battling through adversity can achieve the clarity of call needed during a challenging season and capture the restorative nature of God's call on your life.
the lord is my courage

The Darkest Valley

We couldn’t see a way forward.