God’s Truth Should Spur, Guide Our Actions in Culture

History is in the making, and it’s not merely a sequence of chronological happenings. History is going somewhere, and it’s going there for a reason. Guard-railed by Truth.

The Intersection of Worship and Mission

Sadly, for too many Christians, “worship” and “mission” represent a paradox, but our mission is directly connected to our worship. Mission is not just doing something for God but begins and ends with rich and joyful worship of God.

Panning for God

God did not call you to go into the accessible places where gold would be found, but the hard places where ministry must drill down into the community to find a solid foundation to build the church.

Persevere With Prophetic Patience

This is the kind of situation James is addressing when he calls God’s people to patience. He highlights dynamics of social power structures that might not change in his lifetime.

On the Journey

My Christian discipleship had been characterized by a color-blind approach rather than a color-courageous one. So I would be taking this journey without a map.

Just a Screen Away

During the pandemic, Lyberg visited local members in the hospital using FaceTime, and he can do the same thing with members who live in other places.

The Gift of Closed Doors

That closed door saved his life.

Into the Crypto Church

Bennett envisions a world 10 years from now where people keep a chunk of their money in crypto. That, he says, has implications for global missions.

4 Ways to Keep Leading When You Are Discouraged

Leaders today are facing discouragement and are asked if they will continue in their ministry assignment or leave ministry altogether.

Intentionality Is Key

We’re very intentional about being welcoming and friendly. I tell people on Sunday mornings at the end of the services, “If you’re our guest, I’d like to meet you.” And so I go to the hospitality room and meet people every week.