Scott McConnell

Scott McConnell, an Outreach magazine contributing editor, is executive director of Lifeway Research. 

When the Questions Won’t Stop

Jesus didn’t gloss over the messiness of faith. He stopped and pointed at the doubt about who he is, and then he offered hope.

Every Culture Welcome: How Growing Churches Are Reaching Different Ethnic Groups

We believe that the church should model the ethnic diversity of the area around it.

Research: 5 Ways Hispanic Congregations Are Leading the Way in Outreach

The majority of Hispanic congregations are actively engaged in their community for the purpose of sharing the gospel. This includes serving the practical needs of people, conducting special events to meet people and proclaim the gospel, and church members personally sharing the gospel in conversations.

Starting the Conversation

Though not a prerequisite for sharing the gospel, relationships do make it easier. Each of the statistics on evangelistic activities of Christians is more common among friends and family.

Serving Together

We often think about service as something we as a church do. But there are people in your community who are ready to join in if you organize it and are not concerned about who gets the credit.

How Growing Churches Strive to Make Connections

These churches are changing the way they connect with new people.

People Reaching People

Three important shifts contributed to the stirring of evangelism: equipping people to be everyday missionaries, elevating the role of groups, and amplifying opportunities to serve.

Faith and Self-Censorship

People are more open to having gospel conversations than we expect