Paul David Tripp: Reactivity

We desperately need something in our lives that can cut through all the noise of all the opinions, help us to think correctly and respond appropriately to the things that we are now facing.

Richard Averbeck: The Old Testament Law for the Life of the Church

“It is not a matter of whether the Old Testament law applies but how the New Testament applies it.”

A Conversation With Steve Richardson

Jesus commissioned his people to bless the nations. Even in traditional cultures, I’ve never personally met someone who wished missionaries hadn’t come. I’ve met thousands of people who are thrilled that missionaries brought a message of salvation and hope.

Rebecca McLaughlin: Confronting Jesus

“Jesus chose the cross so that the curtain could be torn and we could live eternally with him.”

Tim Challies: Seasons of Sorrow

“The purest joy and the fullest rest lie beyond time’s horizon.”

Shawn Graves and Marlena Graves: The Gospel of Peace in a Violent World

“Jesus has not called us to do violence to one another nor to participate in the culture of death no matter how it manifests itself.”

Bill Kynes and Will Kynes: Wrestling With Job

“Will your faith in God’s goodness endure when it is tested?”

Chris Sonksen: Saving Your Church From Itself

Saving Your Church From Itself (Baker Books)

Katelyn Beaty: Celebrities for Jesus

“Fame is at its finest when it comes to those who are not seeking it.”

A Conversation With Aaron Damiani, Author of ‘Earth Filled With Heaven’

"People are realizing they need more depth, more substance and more rooted connection with the global and historic church if they are going to thrive spiritually."