unhealthy church

3 Signs a Church Would Rather Die Than Thrive

Church members’ spiritual and physical mindset needs to change as change enters the church.
ministry hurt

3 Steps to Heal From Ministry Hurt

Today could be the day you stop hurting and start helping yourself when you step out of the pain and into the promise that God has for your ministry assignment.
associate pastors

The Pinched Associate Pastor

The relationship with key volunteers, as we will see, turned out to be just as challenging and formative to the associate pastor’s role as that of the senior pastor.

Staying Put in a Challenging Season

Battling through adversity can achieve the clarity of call needed during a challenging season and capture the restorative nature of God's call on your life.

Love: The Newest Innovation in Ministry

People who are hungry for the truth want to be among people who show genuine love to them.
weekly tithes

Developing Faithful Christians Who Tithe

When we live out our faith publicly and share the God stories that have happened while we were faithful in giving, the church will reap the spiritual and then financial blessings of God's favor.
pastoral health

Radical Rest

Permit yourself to disconnect to reconnect to Christ.
goals and prioritiesvideo

Why Make a Schedule as a Ministry Professional?

The ins and outs of planning your week of ministry
missional engagement

Answering the Call

Jesus is knocking on the hearts of his church to see if they will become what he desires for them to be in this season of ministry.
expectation reset

Resetting Your Expectations

If we see Jesus' current work disconnected from our expectations based on the biblical record, our faith and ability to lead can be crippled.