Multiplication Through Service

We didn’t know it at the time but it turns out we were training our leaders right there. It was an opportunity for discipleship through serving we hadn’t anticipated, and we ended up serving 3,000 meals per day after that.

Join the Fiesta

The attention that justice has received in recent years is not a trend, but it can be traced to the pages of the Bible. Justice is grounded in the love of a triune God who time and time again shows his love and compassion for the poor, the vulnerable, the marginalized, and the disenfranchised.

Make Room for Young Leaders

Consider a plea for some older leaders not to get off the bus but to aggressively make room for young leaders at the front.

David Mathis: Workers for Your Joy

“Christ gives leaders to his people for their joy, which turns the world’s paradigm and suspicions about leadership upside down.”

Going From a Staff to a Team

What shall we do as leaders to build strong teams of people who love each other in the best way possible?

What Do I Do When My Church Stops Growing?

When your growth stagnates, it's often an opportunity to discover new things about yourself and your church.

The Wisdom Within

Instead of fretting about how things are going, get going into becoming the person God has called you to be.

Your Words Matter

Each word takes on a powerful force of someone’s emotions, projecting them into the air or on the written page. Words cannot be unsaid or unsent. Words from a leader can either help or hurt.

Growing in Ministry

Words unsaid or said too much could cost a leader a season in the ministry pit of despair. Words used correctly under the guidance of the Holy Spirit can enable a leader’s ministry to prosper.

Richard Mouw: How to Be a Patriotic Christian

How to Be a Patriotic Christian IVP, 2022 By Richard Mouw