Suspicious Outsiders

Over the course of almost two centuries, Christians had grown accustomed to playing the role of scapegoats. For Christians of Tertullian’s generation, there was every reason to believe it would always be like this.
racial divide

The Secret to Healing the Racial Divide

Racism and racial injustice are sins so deeply embedded in our culture that it is going to require disciples of Jesus who thoroughly rely on the Holy Spirit and who passionately inhabit Jesus’ love to change things.
diversity in the church

Why Diversity Is the Key to a Thriving Church

We Must Make Disciples of All People
the doubters' club

Should You Politicize, Generalize or Personalize?

How to Interact with People Who Aren’t Like You

Supporting Mothers With an Unplanned Pregnancy

A conversation with Amy Ford, president of Embrace Grace

The Church’s Place in the Pro-Love Movement

Excerpted from 'Help Her Be Brave' by Amy Ford

3 Characteristics for Translating Across Differences

Why humility, patience and tolerance are key to finding common ground

Michael McRay: I Am Not Your Enemy

Stories to Transform a Divided World (Herald Press)

Choosing Hope in the Midst of Despair

Stories are key to saving us from ourselves.