fundamental truths

3 Fundamental Truths About the Way God Works

His ways are mysterious, but that should only make us want to worship him more.
amplify outreach conference

A Lasting Legacy of Evangelism

Highlights from Amplify Outreach 2021

These 6 Questions Will Reveal How Well You Love Your Neighbors

"There is no need to see accountability questions as burdensome if we understand that God’s grace is our foundation."
prayer life

How Prayer Anchors Us in Difficult Times

There are at least three ways that prayer transforms the way we see the challenges of life.

How to Identify Hypocrisy in a Church

Here are 6 Signs to watch out for that reveal a culture of hypocrisy.

How to Help Students Fighting Anxiety and Depression

Here are six ideas that have helped struggling students.
new small groups

Why Now Is the Time to Launch New Small Groups

The Many Benefits of Starting Groups
when prayer doesn't work

How to Pray When It Doesn’t Seem to Be Working

Here is some help for when prayer doesn't work, or at least it doesn't seem to.

Learning to See Beyond Our Screens

The average person spends 11 hours staring at a screen. How can we overcome our addiction?
worship when I'm weary

Worshiping When You’re Weary

Here Are 5 Ways to Keep Praising God
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