Why We’re Sometimes Surprised When God Answers Prayer

6 reasons we don’t expect God to respond like we should
listen better

Learning to Listen Well

The keys to getting better at hearing people with humility, love and hope.

Following a Dangerous (But Good) God

Jesus never promised us safety if we follow him, but his will is good.
capacity to love

Growing Our Capacity to Love

If we want to grow in our love for others, let us return and be reminded over and over again just how deeply, completely, and wonderfully God has loved us in Christ.

How to Think About Difficult People

Maybe the difficult people in our lives are there for a reason.
trouble-free life

Can Hardship Really Be Good?

When God’s definition of “good” is different than ours

10 Ways to Navigate Our Growing Infodemic

With all the glut of information and voices, how do you separate fact from fiction?
spiritually dry

10 Habits of Spiritually Dry Leaders

Are we going to the source of living water, or trying to do it all in our own strength?
spiritual battles

Are You Ready for the Fight?

Spiritual warfare is a reality we need to take seriously.
drift off course

When You Find Yourself Drifting

The love of Christ meets us in those in between times when we are tempted to stray.