3 Ways to Follow Christ This School Year

The rhythms of the school year present challenges for a lifestyle of faith. Here are ways to live it out.

Preaching Through Depression

Seasons of emotional darkness are no respecter of persons, but there is hope.

Putting Money in Perspective

Money is neither everything nor nothing—it's a tool.

The Impact of Quiet Obedience

God does his greatest work through simple acts of obedience.

The Key to Spiritual Growth

Obedience is the road to fruitfulness.

The Attitudes That Make Jesus Mad

We'd do well to pay attention to the things that made Jesus angry.

When God Feels Distant

What's going on when God feels far away?

Do What You Can With Whatever You Have

When you feel like you have nothing to offer, remember the story of Mary.

When It Comes to Discipleship, Think Small

We can leave a lasting legacy by focusing on raising up disciples and young leaders.

Valuing Convictions Over Opinions

We can get opinions from anyone, but only convictions from God truly matter.