How to Become a More Positive Christian

We cannot choose our circumstances in life, but we can choose the way we will respond to them.

How to Discern the Will of God

Here are a few straightforward principles from George Mueller for determining what God's will is in a given situation.

The Paradoxical Power of Humility

Humility is not a denial of strength, but an acknowledgement of who your strength comes from.

3 Warning Signs Someone Is Dabbling in the Occult

There are only two sides God's and Satan's. Be sure those you lead know who they are consulting.

4 Keys to Making Sense of Those Troubling Bible Stories

How are we meant to read passages on warfare, genocide and violence against women in the Bible?

‘I Never Knew Jesus Could Be Like This.’

These words from a frequent attender both encouraged and challenged me.

4 Steps to a Healthier Marriage

However your marriage currently stands, these steps will help you make it stronger.

Developing Character in Real Time

We often want the serial version of God's work, but God accomplishes our growth in his timing.

How the Church Can Care for Those Seeking Healing from Abuse

Here are practical steps for church leaders and counselors helping to walk trauma victims through the healing process.

When You Sin Don’t Lose Heart

We are not meant to wallow in our failures. God's mercy is not contingent on our perfection.