5 Questions to Start a Meaningful Conversation With Anyone

These questions will help you get below the surface to the things that really matter.

Cultivating Deep Dependence on the Holy Spirit

Building your relationship with the infinite God

Good News for Everyone

Christianity is unique for its radical inclusivity.
earthly citizenship

Appealing to Caesar

Leveraging the rights of our earthly citizenship.
good start

7 Keys to Getting Your Ministry Year Off to a Good Start

How to set yourself up for success in the coming year.
known for love

Show Them Jesus

Why we must be known primarily for our love and not our politics.
simplicity and self-control

Why We Can’t Will Ourselves to Simplicity and Self-Control

And how the power of the Holy Spirit is at work in our lives.
moral compromise

Living Faithfully in a Culture of Moral Compromise

4 profound lessons we can learn from the story of Lot about sin, its consequences and our call as Christians.

Valuing the Poor in Our Midst

How can we value and include people who are normally outcasts more in the life of the church.
god-centered goals

How to Set God-Centered Goals

3 key questions to ask yourself as you make resolutions.
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