Michael Kelley

Michael Kelley is director of Discipleship at LifeWay Christian Resources and the author of Growing Down: Unlearning the Patterns of Adulthood that Keep Us from Jesus.

5 Steps for Living With Discipline

The temptation when you engage in spiritual discipline is to emphasize the will. But it doesn’t have to be that way; in fact, if it is that way, our efforts are doomed to fail because our best efforts will run out of steam.

Take the Initiative, or Wait on God?

Return to the character of the One who promised. And remember that he never fails.

Exercise Your Eyes to See

When we are born again, we are given new sight. In fact, all our spiritual senses are awakened to see, take in, and feel things in a brand new way - a way that is defined by the gospel.

Temptations of Money

The more money we have, the safer we tend to feel.

Is it Possible to Be Too Focused on Heaven?

There have surely always been Christians who have practiced an easy kind of discipleship, believing that the gospel is exclusively about their eternal destination with no implications for their present situation.

What Would You Say in the Presence of God?

“Holy” is the cry that even now is ringing in the heavens to describe God. That’s what Isaiah encountered as he was taken up in a vision and saw the Lord.

Making Scripture Relatable

Maybe the Bible actually invites us – even dares us – to fill in some of the blanks.

Putting Ourselves in the Hands of God

We have to believe that God is our for our good. That he cares for us. That he is not going to take advantage of us when we submit to him.