Outreach Resources of the Year: Church

Evaluated by A.J. Swoboda

Seeing Your Worth Clearly

Excerpted from 'Empower' (B&H)

We Are Called to Shine

We are meant to embody the power of blessing.

Answering the Tough Questions About Church Discipline

Is it loving to practice church discipline?

Harnessing The Discontent of 2020 to Make Necessary Changes

2021 is an opportunity to make long overdue changes to the way we do church

Moving Your People to the ‘Upper Room’

The same things that draw people in cannot be what makes them stay.

Power Comes From Our Hearts

Excerpted from 'Redeeming Power' (Baker Publishing)

The Church Is Calibrated for a World That No Longer Exists

Excerpted from the Innovative Church (Baker Academic)

Thom Rainer: The Post-Quarantine Church

6 Urgent Challenges and Opportunities That Will Determine the Future of Your Congregation (Tyndale)