christian history

Reading Church History

Christianity develops differently in different contexts
gospel people

Redemption by the Son

Evangelicals look to Scripture to know Christ, and there they find the unique Son of God.
future growth

Seeding Future Growth: Strategic Mapping

With shifts in demographics, a leadership change has forced them to see the need for a fresh vision
amazing guest experiences

5 Ways to Create an Amazing Guest Experience

When it comes to attending something as social as a church, visitors can feel especially vulnerable, so I teach church planters that they, too, must reduce guest anxiety.
preach the bible

Pastor, Could Your View of Scripture Be Too Low?

If you don’t preach the Bible then you don’t have the right conviction about the Bible.

3 Shifts Coming to the Church

The old way of doing things is being transformed into a new opportunity to serve the church with a more extraordinary voice.
learning to love

Learning to Love

Our desire to demonstrate that we were on the right side of things—in our desire to demonstrate that we “understood” the injustice of it all—we were, despite our sincerity, turning a movement that was ostensibly about equal rights into a movement that was really about our own moral righteousness.
missional church

Purpose, Passion and Position

Will your local church change or keep doing the same thing, expecting different results?
support adoption

7 Tips to Help Your Church Support Adoption

A congregation that embraces the priority of adoption can find all sorts of ways to help those who want to adopt.
show appreciation to volunteers

3 Easy Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Volunteers

Here are some ways you can thank your remnant of volunteers.