show appreciation to volunteers

3 Easy Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Volunteers

Here are some ways you can thank your remnant of volunteers.

3 Focuses to Center on for the New Year

Now is the perfect time to set new priorities for your ministry, vision cast and set expectations of what is to come.
safeguard your church

Safeguard Your Church with an Annual Board Meeting

Documenting the right decisions in your minutes is critical.
minister's ordination

The 3 Legal Purposes of a Minister

What comes to mind when you hear the term "ordained"?
true worship

The Impact of Worship on Evangelism

True worship is never about us.
small churches

3 Ways Small Churches Help Their Community

Small churches are an important and valued part of their local context.
dating in the church

Single Space

Why the Church Needs to Talk About Dating
autism and church

Autism and the Church

‘If you’ve met one autistic person . . . you’ve met one autistic person.’

Partnership Establishes the Mosaix Institute at Wheaton College

‘This new institute will equip all churches for this important work in showing and sharing Christ.’
church community

We Are a Spiritual Family

Excerpted from ‘A Field Guide for Genuine Community’ (Moody)
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