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The attention that justice has received in recent years is not a trend, but it can be traced to the pages of the Bible. Justice is grounded in the love of a triune God who time and time again shows his love and compassion for the poor, the vulnerable, the marginalized, and the disenfranchised.

Is Your Church an Oak or a Petunia?

Not long ago, I compared the list of growing, influential churches in the United States over a timespan of just under half a century (46 years).

Going From a Staff to a Team

What shall we do as leaders to build strong teams of people who love each other in the best way possible?

Dealing With Conflict Before It Destroys Your Team

If you see someone on your team drifting toward division, you must have the courage to call it out.

Chris Sonksen: Saving Your Church From Itself

Saving Your Church From Itself (Baker Books)

The Impact of Christian Celebrities on Evangelicalism

Who has defined evangelicalism—celebrities or the church?

Katelyn Beaty: Celebrities for Jesus

“Fame is at its finest when it comes to those who are not seeking it.”

3 Reasons Why We Should Listen to Spurgeon Today

Spurgeon is an example of a pastor who faced all the challenges of pastoral ministry, and yet was firmly committed to pastoring his church based on biblical and theological convictions.

Jesus’ Words to Seven Churches

Excerpted From 'Big Trouble Ahead' by Allen Jackson

Liturgy: The Joy of Heaven for People on Earth

What if liturgy is not what we always assumed? What if instead of burdening us, liturgy freed us to live a life of grace?