Paul Hobbs

Paul Hobbs is lead pastor at The Retreat Church: A Church of the Nazarene in Yucaipa, California.

You Are Living a Great Life

I feel loved and respected by congregation members, but when I focus on the reality that God allows me to proclaim his Word to his people, I am humbled. In this state of mixed emotion, I remind myself that I am living a great life.

God Is Not Limited by Our Lack

No matter what I did, every attempt ended without any signs that a youth ministry would get off the ground. I was at a complete loss.

Beyond Me and Mine

What does it mean to be a part of a local church?

The Recency Effect

The way out of this unhelpful state for me is to step back and form a larger perspective of God's work in my life and the church. Unfortunately, what takes place in the short term is not always a clear picture of God's activity.

Having No One Is Better Than Having the Wrong One

With limited financial and volunteer resources, I needed to fill a critical role on my leadership team.

Guilt Without Shame

I believe that a healthy sense of responsibility is absent of shame and enables us to recognize our mistakes without losing value.

Resetting Your Expectations

If we see Jesus' current work disconnected from our expectations based on the biblical record, our faith and ability to lead can be crippled.