Building Bridges in Springfield

Saehee Duran leads positive change in her church and community.
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Why Churches Have a String of Short-Term Pastors

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5 Coveted Attributes That Don’t Guarantee Leadership Effectiveness

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Christine Caine: What Keeps You Anchored?

"As leaders we’re always out there in the deep trying to rescue everybody else, and if we’re drifting ourselves, we’re no good to anybody."

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A Successful Ministry Life Is About the Backstage

Makoto Fujimura: Behold the Fragments—Part 1

"Could our broken places become part of our signature that will remain, turned to precious beauty on the other side of our own resurrection?"

All About the People: Bayside Community Church

Bayside Church is focused on helping everyone connect relationally.

Making Connections: Trinity Church

Virginia congregation attributes growth to relationship building.

Equipping Disciples: Quail Springs Baptist Church

Outreach-oriented Oklahoma City church is serious about spiritual growth and community.


Having the Eyes of Your Heart Enlightened

Excerpted from '21 Days of Deeper Prayer' (Zondervan)

21 Days of Deeper Prayer: Discover an Extraordinary Life in God...

WHO: Jim Maxim, founder of Acts 413 Ministries, and Daniel Henderson, president of Strategic Renewal. THEY SAY:“Jesus also promised us that if we...

Pastors Value Denominations Now, Not as Sure About the Future

As many Protestant denominations prepare to gather this summer for their national meetings, most pastors believe it is vital for their church to be part of a denomination but doubt the importance of those types of ties lasting another decade.