leadership influence

5 Keys to Sustained Influence as a Leader

Or, why should people continue to follow you?

Joining Others on Their Journey

Radical hospitality is showing up where people already are with a posture of openness and blessing toward them.

5 Steps Toward Racial Justice and Reconciliation

Racial justice and reconciliation are central to the gospel. Here's how predominantly white churches can join the cause.
mary the mother of jesus

Reflections on Mary’s Devotion to Jesus

Cultivating a heart of surrender and choosing what is best.

Rich Villodas: Deeply Formed—Part 1

“The Christian life is not just going to heaven when we die, but having the very life of Christ formed in us.”

Rich Villodas: Living in the Center of God’s Presence—Part 2

“Who we are in Christ is the most important gift we have to give.”

Michael MacKenzie on Serving Spiritual Leaders in Crisis

Why self-care matters in ministry

What Story Does Your Facility Tell?

Determine Your Church’s Unique Story and How to Share It

5 Evangelism Tips for Your Small Group

Simple and quick exercises added to small-group meetings can encourage people to take their faith stories into the community.

God Chooses Ordinary People

Remembering the profound grace of the Christmas story


Who Then Will We Trust?

We need technology, but we often idolize technology.

Tony Reinke: God, Technology, and the Christian Life

Whether we trust the Creator in these areas will determine how we face an uncertain technological future

Increasing Your Leadership Influence by Listening

Being a humble listener is a skill all leaders need to develop.
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