second wave of COVID

The Most Common Challenges in the Second Wave of COVID-19

7 We’re Hearing From Church Leaders
talking about faith

Talking About Religion in a Better Way

8 Tips for Conversations About Faith

A Crazy Idea That Will Increase Your Impact in Your City

I've tested it out over the past few years, and it's revolutionized how we do ministry.
change an established culture

How to Change an Established Culture

5 Ways to Reshape the Way Things Have Always Been Done

Terry W. Brooks: Building Ministry Around Needs—Part 1

“Service puts into practice what we learn when discipleship is integrated into worship.”

Terry W. Brooks: Creativity and Community—Part 2

“We want to prepare people to live a better life, the life that Jesus described as abundant.”

Mark Batterson: Dwelling in Possibility

Through civility, service and innovation the church faces one of its greatest opportunities.

Building Bridges to Our Muslim Neighbors

Neighborly Faith is encouraging dinner and dialogue between Muslims and Christians.

Salt Water, Clean Water, Living Water

Creative reproducing church provides water as it plants new churches.

All About the People: Bayside Community Church

Bayside Church is focused on helping everyone connect relationally.


Failure Is Not Final

The question is not if we will fail, but how we’ll respond when we do.

3 Keys to Turning Visitors Into Church Members

Clear Engagement Plans Help First-Time Attendees Feel Welcome

9 Ways the Modern Worship Service Is Changing

The average church has made significant adjustments to their worship service in the past two decades.
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