marriage ministry

Laying the Groundwork for a Marriage That Lasts

3 keys to cultivating a marriage marked by gratitude for your spouse

Seeing Christianity Through Post-Christian Eyes

A large part of sharing the gospel in a post-Christian culture is being sensitive to the potential confusion of our listeners.

5 Things Weary Christians Need to Hear

No matter what kind of week you're having, here are five important things to hang on to.
outreach strategies

Are We Fishing on the Wrong Side of the Boat?

Recognizing the unprecedented opportunity we currently have to rethink our outreach strategies.

Michael MacKenzie on Serving Spiritual Leaders in Crisis

Why self-care matters in ministry

Joby Martin: Creating a Launchpad for Ministry—Part 1

“We needed to see our church like an aircraft carrier—a place from which to launch people to the frontlines.”

Joby Martin: Laying the Groundwork for Revival—Part 2

“If you were God, based on what your church is doing with the resources he’s brought your way, would you give you more?”

How to Have the Best Trunk-or-Treat Ever

Here are some great ways to follow-up with community guests who attend your fall events.

Building Bridges to Our Muslim Neighbors

Neighborly Faith is encouraging dinner and dialogue between Muslims and Christians.

Salt Water, Clean Water, Living Water

Creative reproducing church provides water as it plants new churches.


Humility in Caregiving

Excerpted From Not Quite Fine By Carlene Hill Byron Humility in Caregiving Pete Costas was still relatively young in his career as a Salvation Army officer the Sunday...

Carlene Hill Byron: Not Quite Fine

Mental Health, Faith and Showing Up for One Another

Overcoming Landmines in Ministry

If you keep your chin up and knees down, God will help you turn around his church.
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