4 Ways to Keep Your Emotions In Check as a Leader

One of the greatest strengths a leader can posses is his (or her) ability keep his emotions in check, to stop reacting. However, when we feel rejected,...

How Do You Fight Your Battles?

Insights from the life of David.

Avoiding the Comparison Trap

It is hard to lead a small church or a young church. Perhaps it is even more challenging today than it once was. Church planters and small...

How to Raise Up Women Leaders

Raising up women leaders should matter to all of us, but it requires an oft-lacking intentionality. Women make up more than half the church, and God has gifted...

Stephen Witmer: Big Gospel, Small Places—Part 1

Ministering in small towns is neither idyllic nor dull. It is real life.

Stephen Witmer: A Vision for Small-Town Ministry—Part 2

We should want bigger and faster more and need it less.

Stay Salt: A Conversation With Rebecca Manley Pippert

When I wrote Out of the Saltshaker 40 years ago, it was such a different world. What’s changed today? Well, we’re dealing...

New Safety Signage Floor Stickers Available

Direct Visitors Safely Around Your Church

6 Tips to Plan a Memorable Summer With Your Kids

Summer is here and yet, many of us feel like we have already had summer because our kids have been home from...

Echo Park Reborn

Both Echo Park and Foursquare have experienced not just a revitalization, but reconciliation and restoration.


Church Design in the Age of Social Distancing

Communal spaces are becoming more intimidating by the minute. So, how will architects and designers create spaces where relationships can still flourish,...

3 Steps to Experience God’s Best for Your Ministry

Throughout Scripture, God has used challenging situations to strengthen his people to achieve greatness. Today as the world faces many crises, you...

The Mystery of Our Salvation

Excerpted FromThe Way Up Is DownBy Marlena Graves If I want to be full, open to receiving abundant grace—more human, selfless—first I must...