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Go to the Source

The world is rapidly changing all around us. Let’s not use our past understanding to multiply a present audience.

Don’t Forget the Next Generation

Are you overlooking a third of your church?

Crank Up the Heat!

Teens who share their faith own their faith, and teens who own their faith are much more likely to keep their faith after they graduate. So it’s vitally important that you crank up the heat of evangelism in your youth ministry.

10 Things Young Adults Need From Your Church

What churches that are reaching younger generations are offering

3 Ways to Raise Up Teen Gospel Activists

Teenagers can be equipped to be a powerful force for the gospel if we adjust our thinking.

All Ages Welcome

Why making your church multigenerational is worth the effort.

5 Ways I Saw God Work at Summer Camp

It’s More Than Just Fun and Games

Why Kids and Youth Ministries Drift from Jesus

Three ways ministries can subtly drift from the gospel