purpose in life

What Are We Here For?

Our purpose in this life is to reflect our Maker, our God in heaven—we are, after all, imago dei.
women in leadership

How Women Rise

Am I willing to get uncomfortable, to be corrected, to make mistakes? If not, my rising is only for me, and not for all women.

Jo Saxton: Ready to Rise

Own Your Voices, Gather Your Community, Step Into Your Influence (WaterBrook)

The Benefits of Healthy Professional Peer Relationships

Create the culture you want to see.

Self-Help and the Mind of Christ

We are bombarded with promises of happiness, wealth, fulfillment and all our dreams met. Yet we are miserably unhappy. Why?

New Books to Help You Minister to Women

Books to help you be better equipped to serve the women in your church.

Kandi Gallaty: Disciple Her

Using the Word, Work, & Wonder of God to Invest in Women

Following the Daily Rhythms of Jesus

Jesus lived a patterned life that serves as a good example for our own spiritual disciplines.

How Jesus Heals Our Loneliness

The love of Christ draws us out of the loneliness of this fallen world and back into fellowship with him.