Jacki C. King

Jacki C. King is a respected and popular Bible teacher, conference speaker and ministry leader. She has a passion for seeing women fall in love with Jesus and his Word while challenging them to be on mission in their homes, workplaces and communities. 

Let’s Let Gen Z Lead the Way

Gen Z brings valuable perspectives that can enrich and reawaken the church community. By embracing diversity, prioritizing authenticity and relationships, and navigating hard issues with grace and consistency, church leaders can create a more inclusive and dynamic ministry environment.

Facing the New Year With Weariness

What if you are starting the year in a spot that is more from a weary and questioning posture than a hopeful and expectant one?

How Women Leaders Can Embrace Criticism

Embracing criticism as an opportunity for personal and professional growth is a skill that can set you apart.

How to Help Women Delve Deeply into the Word of God

As you get to know the women in your group, discover the unique gifts and talents and explore opportunities to connect them with church or small groups to help them grow in their discipleship journey.