christian thinkers

Jeremiah Johnston: Becoming a Christian Thinker

The new pastor of apologetics at Prestonwood Baptist his mission to give believers and nonbelievers alike a foundation in the faith.
tom nelson

Tom Nelson: The Shepherding Leader

“One of the biggest things you can look for in a shepherd leader is that they are led well by the Good Shepherd.”
church health

Sam Rainer: A Local Church Renaissance

A Pathway for Church Health and Growth
god of the garden

Andrew Peterson: Encountering the God of the Garden—Part 1

“Everyone was talking about how Jesus died on the cross to save me from my sins, but the elephant in the room was why?”
andrew peterson

Andrew Peterson: Present in Creation—Part 2

“The presence of God is real. All of creation proclaims his handiwork. But we must fight to pay attention.”
kyle idleman

Kyle Idleman: Reach One

Reimagining our impact by focusing on one person at a time.
super bowlvideo

Jason Romano’s Journey to the Super Bowl

How an ESPN mainstay discovered a new calling in faith-based sports media
curious people

Rebecca McLaughlin: A Curious Faith—Part 1

“There are a lot of things that look like roadblocks to faith, but if you look more closely, they become signposts to Jesus.”
truth with humility

Rebecca McLaughlin: Presenting Truth With Humility—Part 2

“We can’t actually share the gospel while holding onto our pride. Too often we think we’re defending Jesus when in fact we’re defending ourselves.”