It’s OK to Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

Maybe it's time to stop striving and worship

On the Other Side of Isolation

Three areas of psychological struggle that will likely show up in your congregation when we join back together

Be Shepherds

Use this opportunity to reach out to your flock.

The Agile Church

Encouraging signs for life beyond the pandemic

Your Brain in the COVID-19 Crisis

How can we foster good thinking?

We Are What They Grow Beyond

The metric of our success should be the depth of discipleship cultivated in our people.

Moving Ministry Online

Three values that have guided us during this season

The World Is Asking Questions

How do we answer the tough questions people in our world are asking right now?

The Jesus Creed

We do not love until we listen.

A Reset Moment for the Church

Our churches are being compelled to go back to our roots.