Ravi Zacharias: Finally Home

Ravi Zacharias, dead at 74. His words echo, with gentleness and respect.

The Emerging Church Depth Movement

The pandemic is a tipping point that will create three particular changes.

Welcome to the Wilderness

This new season will require churches to pivot quickly to remain resilient.

COVID-19 Simulation Game

Two ways we shifted our focus

Herbie Newell: Caring for ALL Life

Being pro-life is about more than being anti-abortion.

The Holy Task of Listening

COVID-19 PERSPECTIVE: Brady Boyd New Life Church, Colorado Springs, Colorado In this era of livestreaming and social media, none of us would have imagined that a simple phone call...

Let’s Pray More for Our Ministry Than Our Misery

Chris Brown: Misery shouldn’t kill our ministry; it should fuel it.

The Beginning of Birth Pains?

Doug Gehman: discerning the signs during the pandemic

Don’t Let This Crisis Go to Waste

Tony Morgan: Don't go back to normal when the crisis lifts.

We Need Healthy Pastors

Aaron Menikoff: Use this opportunity for self-examination through the fruits of the Spirit.