Andrew MacDonald

Andrew MacDonald is the associate director of the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center and a guest professor at Wheaton College.

Craft a Vision for Church Planting

In a culture awash in loneliness and isolation, the prospect of meaningful, kingdom-centered relationships centered on mission is a powerful vision.

Mosaix Institute Hosts Church Economics Summit

Trained in theology and pastoral ministry, few church leaders understand the economics of churches, and fewer can navigate the increasingly complex financial issues facing a 21st-century pastor.

John Dickson: The Power of Persuasion in a Post-Christian Nation

Speak to the culture like you're in Athens, not in Jerusalem, and expect to be scoffed at and smile sweetly back, and expect some to give us another hearing, and others to believe.

Hannah Stolze: Loving Your Neighbor Through Your Business

We have a really unique opportunity in workspaces to demonstrate the love of God, invite conversation, build relationship and really be strategic in terms of how we reach the lost and how we demonstrate God's love for all of creation and show up in ways that reflect that.

How Ministry Ideas Spread

As churches today look to take advantage of new digital opportunities, navigate our polarized society and collaborate across denominations in gospel outreach, the task of innovation lies at the core of the calling for pastors and church leaders, yet understanding how ideas spread is often underappreciated.