Is Your Church an Oak or a Petunia?

Not long ago, I compared the list of growing, influential churches in the United States over a timespan of just under half a century (46 years).

Jason Strand: Stepping Into and Leading a Whirlwind—Part 2

“I want people to know that I'm a real person just like them, that I’m not up here, and they're down there.”

Do These 12 Things Before You Get Up to Preach

Knowing it could be the most important hour of someone’s life is what intimidates you. God has big plans for this moment. You don’t want to fail Him.

Jason Strand: Stepping Into and Leading a Whirlwind—Part 1

“We really focus on reaching people who are far from God. That is our mission, that is the heartbeat of our church.”

Dealing With Pastoral Pain

How I learned to heal from the hurts that come with being a church leader.

What Do I Do When My Church Stops Growing?

When your growth stagnates, it's often an opportunity to discover new things about yourself and your church.

The Church Merger Road Map

Road signs for the church merger journey

18 Common Mistakes Made When Going Multisite

Launch strong by keeping these things in mind.

How Is the Holy Spirit Connected to Church Growth?

There is a beautiful interaction between the empowering of the Holy Spirit and our role in church growth.
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5 Ways to Destroy Ministry Silos

"Foster this attitude among your leaders: 'How can I help my fellow leaders, even though it’s not my ministry?'”