Jim Tomberlin

Jim Tomberlin (@MultisiteGuy) is a multisite strategist and church merger specialist at The Unstuck Group and the author of several books, including Better Together: Making Churches Mergers Work-Expanded and Updated (with Warren Bird) and 125 Tips for Multisite Churches.

What the Future Looks Like for Multisite Churches

According to the latest ECFA survey and research at The Unstuck Group, 70 percent of megachurches and 60 percent of churches of 1,000+ are multisiting.

Insights From a Campus Pastor (a.k.a. Multisite Quarterback)

The multisite church playbook is all about reproducing and multiplying proven best ministry practices across multiple locations.

3 Warning Signs Your ‘Multisite Church’ Isn’t One

Are your multisite campuses truly one church in multiple locations?

18 Common Mistakes Made When Going Multisite

Launch strong by keeping these things in mind.

The Church Merger Road Map

Road signs for the church merger journey

3 Pivotal Questions to Ask When Considering a Church Merger

How to know if your churches are compatible

Should My Church Launch a New Location?

Reproducing campuses is not the same as adding another ministry to your church. Moving from a “mono-site” to a “multi-site” church mentality is a major paradigm shift.

Trends in the Multisite Movement

Multisite is no longer a fringe idea, but has come of age. Here's what it looks like today.