How To Change Your Church’s Priorities to Look Outward

An outward focused church also cares for the congregation, works hard to keep ministries meaningful, but directs a substantial amount of thought, energy and resources to those who are outside the church.

Young Leaders, Here Are 50 Takeaways From My Experience

I had to learn a lot of tough and powerful lessons over the past nearly three decades of ministry.

Bryan Loritts: Building Bridges—Part 2

“Our sanctuaries reflect our dinner tables. So if you want a diverse sanctuary, then you have to have hundreds of diverse dinner tables.”

A Global Age of Uncertainty

This mood isn’t just reflected on the international front, but on the domestic front as well.

Bryan Loritts: Diversity Is Not a Fringe Issue—Part 1

“You have to construct a philosophy of ministry where you show people that diversity and reconciliation aren’t fringe issues, but that they’re tethered to the gospel.”

Why Are Americans Questioning the Character of Christians?

We pulled together data from some of the largest and most influential research organizations in the country like Gallup, Pew, Barna, and Lifeway, to track how we’re doing when it comes to living the life Christians need to live.

The One Question I Ask Every Time I Get a Complaint

There is one question I ask myself every time I receive a complaint. It would be difficult to be in leadership and not have people upset with a...

When Should a Church Use NDAs?

When it comes to protecting a company’s products and technology from competitors, this is all well and good. What isn’t well and good is when NDAs are used to protect leaders and organizations from bad behavior.

Which Visionary Type Best Describes You?

Vision is powerful, but its beauty fades quickly if it never comes to pass.

Solving a Problem—A Matter of Perspective

I should be conscious of the fact I may not solve everyone’s concern with the problem.