church growth

Measuring What Counts

Tracking Church Growth in a Post-Pandemic World
healthy church

6 Actions You Can Take Now to Strengthen the Church’s Future

Though we can’t predict the future, we can lay the groundwork of a healthy church for years to come.
plan for a crisis

How Can You Plan for a Crisis?

Though we can’t predict the next crisis, we can prepare for it.

7 Mindsets That Kill Leadership

These toxic mindsets can derail your leadership.
healthy churches

12 Traits of Churches Doing Well During the Pandemic

How Churches Are Beginning to Grow, Gain Momentum and See New Possibilities
online attendance

The Importance of Affirming Online Attendance

Your Church Needs to Embrace Its Online Audience
staffing issues

Why Greater Clarity Will Resolve Most Staffing Issues

Does Your Team Know What’s Expected of Them?
sustainability in leadership

Leading From Abundance

Cultivating Sustainability and Longevity as a Leader
church dictators

6 Signs You’re Working With an Amiable Autocrat

The Frustrating Paradox of Working With a Friendly Church Dictator
genuine friendship

Why Genuine Friendships Are Essential for Leadership

6 Reasons Leaders Need to Seek out Friends
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