diversity in the church

Neurodiversity and Your Church

The Importance of Being Aware of the Different Ways People Think
grow wisdom

How to Grow Your Wisdom

8 Practices That Will Help You Become Wise

The Antifragile Church

What does it really mean that the church exists for mission?
managing conflict

Tips for Leaders to Manage Conflict

Hint: It Can Be Healthy If Handled Correctly
leader vacation

7 Steps to Prep for a Leader Taking Time Off

How to Free Yourself to Take a Break

3 Things to Watch for in Your Teaching

Confusing or Equating These Things Can Lead Us Astray

14 Reasons to Prioritize Taking Your Staff Offsite

Why the Effort is Worth It
serve the community

An Often Overlooked Way to Serve Your Community

One Thing That Can Make a Huge Impact
fail to delegate

The Most Common Reasons Leaders Fail to Delegate

Why We Neglect One of the Most Important Aspects of Leadership
leadership lessons

4 Essential Lessons I Learned in My First Church

Early Ministry Insights That Have Stuck With Me
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