create unity

How Do You Cultivate Unity in Your Church?

7 proven ways to make sure your people are united, even when they disagree with one another.
qualities of a good leader

Roots Before Fruit

“Our identity as daughters and sons is more important than our impact as leaders.”
leadership issues

New Pastors Want Guidance on These 12 Issues

Helping new pastors know what they need to pay attention to
say no

7 Excellent Reasons to Learn to Say No

A failure to say no costs far more than developing a discipline to not always say yes.

Our Finest Hour

Modeling resilient leadership in hard times
Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

5 Ways to Destroy Ministry Silos

"Foster this attitude among your leaders: 'How can I help my fellow leaders, even though it’s not my ministry?'”
post-COVID world

5 Keys to Reaching and Retaining Guests

How to grow your church in a post-COVID world
glocal church

The Power of a Globally-Minded Church Plant

Every church that you plant, you are planting for the world.
unrealistic expectations on church leaders

4 Things You Can Stop Talking About

The unhealthy things we can cut from our public speaking diet.
part-time pastor

Why the Trend of Part-Time Pastors Is Growing

6 realities that are driving the move to bivocational and co-vocational pastoring.