Dan Reiland

Dan Reiland is the executive pastor at 12Stone Church in Lawrenceville, Georgia, and the author of several books including Confident Leader! Become One, Stay One (Thomas Nelson).

Does Your Volunteer Team Resemble Those in the Book of Acts?

Few things are more humbling than to come alongside faithful volunteers who give generously of their time and talent for the progress of the church and advancement of God’s Kingdom.

What to Avoid When Writing Church Policies

The best organizational policies help make life and leadership better and make subjective issues clear.

What to Look for in a Campus Pastor

Here are the five most important traits needed in a campus pastor.

Measuring Your Church’s Effectiveness

Always invest in raising up new leaders before starting new ministries. The reverse results in anemic ministries and tired and discouraged volunteers.

5 Things Your Church Must Prioritize to Thrive

Are people experiencing the difference in your church that you want them to experience?

Your Legacy: Hope, Heart, and Habits

Generosity might mean two minutes with a stranger or mentoring a leader for twenty years. Generosity of spirit is about being fully present, sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and intentional about adding value.

7 Non-Negotiables for Leaders

We can collect leadership knowledge but without putting it to practice, we don’t become a better leader.

4 Keys to Relationally Based Leadership

Successful leaders acknowledge fear and insecurity but work hard to rise above them. In time, both can be greatly minimized.