The Danger of Confusing Tactics and Strategy in Leadership

Many a church leader has confused tactics with strategy to their church's detriment.

Why You Should Preach on Race as Soon as You Can

Our world and our people are hungering for us to preach on this.
john 3:16

How John 3:16 Answers Our Biggest Questions

This passage provides the answers for three fundamental questions every human asks.
asian american christians

5 Ways to Help Asian Americans Feel Welcome in Your Church

Creating an environment of mutual respect and love that helps people from every ethnicity be a part of your body.
hostility toward christianity

Responding to Hostility Toward Christianity

And why we shouldn’t be afraid to discuss the complexities of our faith
leadership influence

5 Keys to Sustained Influence as a Leader

Or, why should people continue to follow you?

5 Steps Toward Racial Justice and Reconciliation

Racial justice and reconciliation are central to the gospel. Here's how predominantly white churches can join the cause.

Joining Others on Their Journey

Radical hospitality is showing up where people already are with a posture of openness and blessing toward them.
mary the mother of jesus

Reflections on Mary’s Devotion to Jesus

Cultivating a heart of surrender and choosing what is best.
familiarity blindness

7 Ways to Overcome the Blindness That Comes With Familiarity

Seeing your church with new eyes
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