leadership credibility

5 Things Leaders Need to Stop Saying

The Phrases That Undermine Our Credibility
afghanistani believers

Interceding for Afghan Believers

The Both-And Prayers I’m Praying for My Brothers and Sisters

What We Lose When We Don’t Forgive

7 Things an Unforgiving Heart Costs Us

Why Do We Cry?

The Spiritual Benefits of Surrendering to Tears

How to Champion a Multiethnic Church

Seeking to build a multiethnic church in one of the most racially divided cities in the world

4 Things That Keep Christians from Sharing the Gospel

And one eternally compelling reason to overcome them.
growing the church

Growing the Church in a Healthy Way

An Interview With Carey Nieuwhof on ‘At Your Best’
lesser of two evils

Do Christians Have to Accept the Lesser of Two Evils?

Rediscovering the ‘Third Way’

5 Questions Every Church Must Ask

For our churches to have a future, we must be willing to ask ourselves these foundational questions.
church revitalization

How a Healthy Church Is Like a Healthy Body

3 Ways Your Church Can Boost Its Health
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