past mistakes

Why It’s Not Too Late to Finish Well

You don’t have to be controlled by your past mistakes.
curious people

Rebecca McLaughlin: A Curious Faith—Part 1

“There are a lot of things that look like roadblocks to faith, but if you look more closely, they become signposts to Jesus.”

Why You Should Preach on Race as Soon as You Can

Our world and our people are hungering for us to preach on this.
interim pastor

Why Hiring an Interim Pastor Might Be Good for Your Church

8 reasons why you should consider a temporary pastor to help you gain more clarity about the direction of your church.
leadership starts at home

9 Things My Family Has Taught Me About Leadership

“It can be challenging to lead well at home, but it just may be the most important environment you ever lead.”

The Danger of Confusing Tactics and Strategy in Leadership

Many a church leader has confused tactics with strategy to their church's detriment.
john 3:16

How John 3:16 Answers Our Biggest Questions

This passage provides the answers for three fundamental questions every human asks.
asian american christians

5 Ways to Help Asian Americans Feel Welcome in Your Church

Creating an environment of mutual respect and love that helps people from every ethnicity be a part of your body.
hostility toward christianity

Responding to Hostility Toward Christianity

And why we shouldn’t be afraid to discuss the complexities of our faith
leadership influence

5 Keys to Sustained Influence as a Leader

Or, why should people continue to follow you?
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