Speaking Prophetically to the Church and Culture

We cannot be afraid to speak to significant issues in our culture and churches.
garden of gethsemane

When Jesus Was Lonely

What we can learn from Jesus’ time in the garden of Gethsemane
strengthen your leadership

Daily Practices to Strengthen Your Leadership

4 things to be intentional about doing every day.

Here I Am. Send Me?

2 questions to ask to ask to discern God’s call on your life
church staff are quitting

5 Reasons Church Leaders Might Regret Quitting

There are many reasons they left, but some are having second thoughts.

From Consuming to Caring for Your City

If all we do is consume from our communities, we'll miss the opportunities to love them.

5 Keys for Cultivating a Multiethnic Church

Hint: It starts with noticing.

7 Problems When Church Leaders Isolate Themselves

Though it sometimes masquerades as self-care, extended isolation has some dangerous side effects.
christian encore

Jesus’ Answer to the Christian Encore Problem

We learn more and more about Jesus as we follow, as we go, but only as we go.

Overcoming Fear of Evangelism

The courage to share our faith comes from God, not ourselves.