pain of leadership

Overcoming the Pain That Comes With Leadership

3 steps for leaders to turn pain into power through the grace of God
marriage ministry

Laying the Groundwork for a Marriage That Lasts

3 keys to cultivating a marriage marked by gratitude for your spouse

Seeing Christianity Through Post-Christian Eyes

A large part of sharing the gospel in a post-Christian culture is being sensitive to the potential confusion of our listeners.

5 Things Weary Christians Need to Hear

No matter what kind of week you're having, here are five important things to hang on to.
outreach strategies

Are We Fishing on the Wrong Side of the Boat?

Recognizing the unprecedented opportunity we currently have to rethink our outreach strategies.
new pastor

How to Pray for a New Pastor or Staff Member

10 ways I’m praying for the next senior pastor at my church.
serve together

4 Ways to Celebrate Christmas by Serving Together

Ideas for your Sunday school class or small group to connect with your community and each other this holiday season.

Transforming Bolivia One Conversation at a Time

We Need More Christians Who Know How to Apply the Word of God, Especially in a Society Filled with Religious Syncretism

8 Reasons Why a Church Plant May Not Grow

What are the factors that allow some church plants to take off and others to stagnate?
designated giving

What Are the Dangers of Designated Giving?

Letting donors dictate where their funds are allocated can cause at least five key problems to arise.
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