What We Lose When We Don’t Forgive

7 Things an Unforgiving Heart Costs Us

Why Do We Cry?

The Spiritual Benefits of Surrendering to Tears

How to Champion a Multiethnic Church

Seeking to build a multiethnic church in one of the most racially divided cities in the world

4 Things That Keep Christians from Sharing the Gospel

And one eternally compelling reason to overcome them.
growing the church

Growing the Church in a Healthy Way

An Interview With Carey Nieuwhof on ‘At Your Best’
lesser of two evils

Do Christians Have to Accept the Lesser of Two Evils?

Rediscovering the ‘Third Way’

5 Questions Every Church Must Ask

For our churches to have a future, we must be willing to ask ourselves these foundational questions.
church revitalization

How a Healthy Church Is Like a Healthy Body

3 Ways Your Church Can Boost Its Health

Are You Ready to Be Healed?

Being Healed Often Means Letting Go of Something

Reflections on the Legacy of Flight 93

Sacrifice, Spiritual PTSD and the Christian Life
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