What to Look for in a Missionary Candidate

What character qualities does someone need to possess in order to be an effective missionary? Here's a snapshot.

Joining Others on Their Journey

Radical hospitality is showing up where people already are with a posture of openness and blessing toward them.
long-term leaders

10 Characteristics of Leaders Who Last for the Long Haul

Wisdom for young leaders from those who’ve gone before.
conversation starter

Conversation Starter

One pastor’s coast-to-coast ride to listen to people’s stories.

5 Questions to Start a Meaningful Conversation With Anyone

These questions will help you get below the surface to the things that really matter.

5 Tips for a Short Missions Presentation

The time allotted for missionaries to share with churches is shrinking. Here's how to maximize the time you're given.

Why Momentum Is Key to Implementing Change

How leaders can introduce changes without having a coup on their hands.

Cultivating Deep Dependence on the Holy Spirit

Building your relationship with the infinite God
critical evangelism theory

Critical Evangelism Theory

“When we pursue diversity and dismantle racism in the name of Jesus Christ, we can inspire a Spirit-empowered disciple-making movement.”
rapid change

How Your Church Can Deal With Rapid Change

7 essential ways to respond when things are changing all around you.
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