People Reaching People

Three important shifts contributed to the stirring of evangelism: equipping people to be everyday missionaries, elevating the role of groups, and amplifying opportunities to serve.

From Church Split to Church Plant

Healthy steps toward forming a church plant after a church split.

Is It Possible to Be Hyperimaginative in Thinking about Heaven?

I believe that God expects us to use our imagination, even as we recognize its limitations and flaws. If God didn’t want us to imagine what Heaven will be like, he wouldn’t have told us as much about it as he has.

When Should a Church Use NDAs?

When it comes to protecting a company’s products and technology from competitors, this is all well and good. What isn’t well and good is when NDAs are used to protect leaders and organizations from bad behavior.

The Role Anxiety Has Played in My Spiritual Growth

When anxiety pushes us closer to God

How to Grow a Small Church

Pastoring a small church usually means the pastor has to do everything himself. But there are a number of advantages to that.  The pastor has fewer leaders to deal with, he can know all the members, and change can come more quickly with fewer people.

Which Visionary Type Best Describes You?

Vision is powerful, but its beauty fades quickly if it never comes to pass.

How I Marry Evangelism and Social Action

Evangelism and social action are not antithetical, but close friends.

Solving a Problem—A Matter of Perspective

I should be conscious of the fact I may not solve everyone’s concern with the problem.

Be a Nice Person

If you disagree with someone, that’s fine. But don’t be obnoxious; be nice.