What to Do With Our Desires

Understanding desire in light of the Christian life.

What Is Your Nineveh?

God may not be sending you overseas to reach extremists, but he may be sending you to reach the "unreachable" in your sphere of influence.

The Pastor’s Role as Cheerleader

You can boost your staff, volunteers and congregation by being intentional about cheering them on.

Escaping Our Endless Search for Validation

We cannot earn our stay on this earth. Fortunately, we don't have to.

What Are the Marks of the Church?

These things should be true of every church everywhere.

What I’m Learning About Forgiveness

I wish I had learned these pivotal lessons earlier in life.

Smartphones and the Gift of Presence

In our world of constant distraction, let's give each other the gift of our full attention.

How to Preach the Tough Biblical Texts

Here are some practical guidelines I use for preaching hard biblical passages and topics.

Practicing Gratitude When You Don’t Feel Like It

Grumpiness comes naturally; gratitude takes practice.

Sharing Your Faith in a Marketing-Weary World

What distinguishes our evangelism efforts from the sales pitches we're bombarded with every day?