“We have to hone in on some of these disciplines that can be helpful to engage people, advance the kingdom and multiply churches.”
Three important shifts contributed to the stirring of evangelism: equipping people to be everyday missionaries, elevating the role of groups, and amplifying opportunities to serve.
Not long ago, I compared the list of growing, influential churches in the United States over a timespan of just under half a century (46 years).
America is becoming increasingly more representative of this vision as it becomes more ethnically diverse. So, how is this multiracial reality shaping the planting of new churches?
“We really focus on reaching people who are far from God. That is our mission, that is the heartbeat of our church.”
Take a walk with us back to March 2020. One by one, venues where people gathered began closing their doors: restaurants, hair salons, gyms—even churches. Now, the churches are gathering again, but things have not returned to how they used to be. Online services and meetings are still “full.”...
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