5 Tips for a Short Missions Presentation

The time allotted for missionaries to share with churches is shrinking. Here's how to maximize the time you're given.
cross-cultural dilemmas

How to Cultivate Leaders Who Can Solve Cross-Cultural Dilemmas

Calling all creative mavericks and boundary-spanners.

5 Truths for Global Church Planting Today

What should church planting look like in the 21st century? Here are 5 truths for discussion.
missions in the digital age

The Changing Face of Missions in the Digital Age

It’s time to shift from primarily thinking about missions in terms of geographical boundaries, and start thinking in terms of digital boundaries.

How to Know if Someone Is Called to Global Missions

These questions will help you gauge whether you or another individual are being called to missions.
new year

Finding a New Rhythm in the New Year

Year-end reflections from a missions pastor sparked by time away from ministry

Persecution: One Church, One Family

Around the world christians are facing unprecedented persecution. Here’s how your church can respond.

Why Should We Care What Happens to People After They Are Saved?

"If we only care about souls and not the urgent realities of people’s lives, we are not embracing the Great Commandment."

What Can We Learn From Children’s Ministry in Ecuador?

"When a child’s life is being changed for good, it’s natural for the parents to be willing to help out. "

Transforming Bolivia One Conversation at a Time

We Need More Christians Who Know How to Apply the Word of God, Especially in a Society Filled with Religious Syncretism
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