Paul J. Pastor

Paul J. Pastor is editor-at-large of Outreach, senior acquisitions editor for Zondervan, and author of several books. He lives in Oregon.

Lee Strobel: Asking the Real Questions

Apologetics is just knocking down some of the barriers. It’s the relationship that God uses to bring people to faith.

Léonce B. Crump Jr.: Recovering Resilience

Trust is built when there is an opportunity to have a catalytic moment where someone shares their story, where you see into that person.

John Mark Comer: The Apprentice

Almost all evangelical discipleship is built on the assumption that as a person’s knowledge of the Bible increases, their spiritual maturity will increase with it.

Bobby Gruenewald & Craig Groeschel: Making Connections

“The goal is not to just deliver content, but to develop community.”—Bobby Gruenewald

Ashley Wooldridge: Radical Generosity

When you get radically generous, it invites the blessing of God in a supernatural way.

Dallas Jenkins: Seeing in the Dark

It's healthy to recognize the difference between something you preach from the pulpit, something you teach from a Sunday school class, and what actually belongs on film.

Christine Caine: Eyes on the Promise—Part 2

Like we see in the story of Moses and Joshua, leadership has the potential to either lead a generation into the promise or keep them out of it.

Christine Caine: Eyes on the Promise—Part 1

The blood of Jesus does not give you amnesia. It gives you a life beyond your past, but it doesn’t get rid of your past.