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How to Identify and Handle a People Problem

You improve people problems by improving people.

You Can’t (and Shouldn’t) Please Everyone

Learning to balance the natural tension of loving and caring for people, but not allowing someone to leverage their personal agenda or hijack the vision of your church is part of the leader’s responsibility.

Everyday Evangelism

It all starts with a simple prayer to bring someone along your path today with whom you can share.

How the Gospel Confronts Culture

The message of Christ’s redemptive love and free gift of forgiveness for all has been the force behind centuries of social change.

A Long Walk to Jesus

Someone who had been family by blood became family through the blood of the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

Joel Muddamalle: Total Dependence

We think humility is an invitation for people to walk all over us, for endless suffering, to be left out. Yet the Bible doesn’t present that at all.

Outreach Resources of the Year: Counseling and Relationships

Written by a physician, The Deepest Place reverberates with heartfelt compassion, clinical understanding and studied, biblical wisdom that will benefit pastors and other ministry leaders involved in counseling.

They Simply Stopped Believing

Only 3% of Americans who grew up in a religiously unaffiliated home said they joined a religion.