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Renewing the Small Church With the Kintsugi Model

The church has an excellent opportunity to review the community's needs and begin to capture one element that it could do to help the community become healthier.

The Power of Small Church Outreach

Leverage your advantages to reach your community.

Dying to Live

The community outside the church's walls needs a Bible-teaching church as much as the church needs a community that is invested in what it offers.

Does God Want Your Church to Get Bigger?

As you welcome the new members and celebrate the changes, do not neglect the longtime leaders who have served this church in good times and bad. The first defections from a growing church are often people who have served for years but who now feel they are being pushed out.

Flourishing With a Small-Church Mindset

There is a longing in the world today for people to feel valued. They are valued not for what they can bring to the table but for who they are. God has placed giftings in each person that the local church needs today—many leaders and churches long for authentic relationships that make a person feel seen and heard.

Leading Local: What Life Is Like Serving Smaller Congregations

“What we have in our hands is enough for what God has called us to do. And if God wants us to do more, then he will put more in our hands.”—Aaron Tinch

The Power of Small

Reimagining the Advantages of a Small Church

3 Advantages of a Small Church

Jesus is about mission, not church size.