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How Suffering Can Open Doors for Evangelism

Anyone can be happy when things are going well. But can you have joy when they aren’t? Flipping through the TV channels with my kids...

What About Those Who Have Never Heard?

God has provided means for all to know about him; the bigger question is what will you do with the knowledge he's given you.

Confronting the Challenges of Leading Evangelism

Overcoming the perception that evangelism is only for the “professionals.”

6 Lessons for Evangelism From Youth Soccer

The church wins when everyone gets in the game.

Evangelism and the Privatization of Faith

Make friends, in your own way, and avoid isolating yourself—be open to show and share the love of God.

How to Leverage Existing Ministries for Outreach

“You could launch new outreach ministries without removing any existing ministries, increasing your budget or adding staff.”

How the Gospel Confronts Culture

The message of Christ’s redemptive love and free gift of forgiveness for all has been the force behind centuries of social change.

A Long Walk to Jesus

Someone who had been family by blood became family through the blood of the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.