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The Biggest Question of Life

When death comes unexpectedly, our mortality-awareness-index heightens.

Reignite the Passion for Women Bible Teachers

Let’s embrace lifelong learning, cultivate a heart for discipleship, and ignite a fire in ourselves and others for the transformative power of Scripture.

Seeking God’s Timing Every Time

Recognizing that there is "a time for everything under heaven" encourages us to seek God's timing in all aspects of life.

Churchgoers Believe Public Perception of Christians Is Declining in U.S.

Those who believe the public perception of Christians in the U.S. is worsening say responsibility for the decline belongs to both Christians and the rest of America.

Setting the Stage

As the ICF Zurich’s Sunday-evening service grew to about 1,300 mostly Gen Z attendees, Bigger thought, "Why not hand over this service to Gen Z leadership?"

Surrendering the Ego for God

t's not about the pastor's will but about God's will. It's not about the people's desires but about God's desires.

Does Your Volunteer Team Resemble Those in the Book of Acts?

Few things are more humbling than to come alongside faithful volunteers who give generously of their time and talent for the progress of the church and advancement of God’s Kingdom.

A Different Kind of Hope

We discover that being a prisoner of hope in Jesus Christ is life-giving. He is the path to ultimate freedom.