Knute Larson

Knute Larson, an Outreach magazine consulting editor, coaches pastors for personal and church growth, and teaches D.Min. courses for Trinity and Grace seminaries and leadership for Moody. He pastored 43 years in Ohio, the last 26 at The Chapel, in Akron.

Safeguarding Your Church

Boundaries. Your church should have a very clear policy about moral and financial transgressions. This should be adopted by the board of oversight and is enforced immediately when broken.

8 Policies Every Church Should Have on File

Finances. There are still churches where one person counts or handles the money or writes the checks, and that should change immediately with written policies created by the financial team and approved by the board of oversight.

Why Do I Imprison Myself When Searching for God’s Will?

I was taught you could miss God's perfect will for your life and live in his “permissive will.” Holy smokes. I put myself in Gideon's class—not a bad association—and was putting out fleece so that God would clearly lead me.

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Addressing Racial Tensions in the Church

Pastors, if we do not bring it up, it is as if we do not know what is going on in the world where...

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