Abortion: Responding to the 10 Most Common Arguments

The disciples, like many people in Jewish culture, did not value children as much as adults because their needs were just not as important. But children were Jesus’ first...

When Your Bible Reading Doesn’t Go as Planned

The date was January 1, 2016. I stood at the edge of the starting line for what I thought would be a daunting but exhilarating task ahead of me: reading...

10 Attributes of Scripture-Informed Justice

This article originally appeared on MissioAlliance.org and is reposted here by permission. I don’t like the phrase “biblical justice.” Often, in my experience, it is a certain kind of Christian who talks...

Palm Sunday and the Gospel

A reminder of God's deep love for you

Is It Wrong to Doubt?

All of my life I’ve asked lots of questions. I think to some degree it’s because of my upbringing, which was really no upbringing at all. My mother, who...

Why Unresolved Emotional Pain Is an Obstacle to Discipleship

How the emotional pain we haven't dealt with hinders our growth in Christlikeness

3 Things Grace Accomplishes That Religion Never Can

The scandal of grace at the heart of the gospel

Whose Side Is Jesus On?

If you wanted Jesus for your side, he disappointed you. If you wanted Jesus for Jesus, he quenched you.

3 Practical Ways to Navigate Anxiety

How I deal with my anxiety and encourage others to do the same

Living in the Peace of God

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